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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One Week Out!

One Week Out!

No seriously, one week! Talk about a mix of emotions! We are beyond excited to finally be joining the Freedom team not just in heart but actually in person. But with that excitement comes a little bit of fear, a lot of stress and a couple (ok maybe a lot) of tears! Tears mostly over the thought of leaving this community and all of you! We've always known we lived in a great community but we are beyond grateful and amazed how this community and even those from far away have poured out their support and love for us! Our support has poured in faster than we could ever imagine and we've felt the power of your prayers time and time again! What an amazing testament that is! We will defiantly miss this community but it will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Fundraising Update
Once again, God continues to remind us of His faithfulness! A week out from leaving, we currently stand at 96% of our reoccurring monthly income! What an amazing journey this has been and I stand in awe of Gods provision! Thank you so much for all your support!

Whats Happening with Freedom!
Exciting things are happening with Freedom! Below are a few highlights from the past few months!
  • A school in southern Ohio closed their building and auctioned off everything inside! God provided Freedom with 950 school items ( valued at $100,000 ) for $5,500! Awesome!! 
  • Our apartments continue to grow! The third floor is poured which is the floor we will be living on! 
  • About 30 new students will join our school on June 16th! If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can visit our website and click on Sponsorship under Invest.
  • Our website got a facelift! Check it out at

Prayer Requests
With one week to go, we need a lot of prayer! Please be praying specifically for the requests below!
  • Health for our family
  • Safe travels
  • That God would lead us in the right direction with our house
  • In the business of the move, that our focus would remain on God
  • Peace for the families we are leaving behind
  • Patience for Gabe and I as our whole family adjusts to a new home
  • Ava, Blakeley and Karsyn will adjust quickly to their new school
  • Language studies

How to Get Involved
If you are interested in supporting us and becoming part of our team, please visit , click on Donate under Invest and choose Pyle from the drop down menu.

Thanks again for all your support! We are truly thankful for each and every one of you! Continue to check FB and our blog for updates!
Gabe, Krista, Ava, Blakeley & Karsyn 

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