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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Go and Make Disciples!

Often when we hear this phrase, at least when I hear it, I associate it with stepping outside of our circle - going to unreached places and people groups. And yes that's true! God call us to that! But far too often, I fail to see the people that God has placed in my life that desperately need Jesus. Those people right in my backyard. Sometimes 'going' just means walking across the street to a neighbor or even reaching out to those in your own family.

A few Saturday's ago, our family went to visit one of Estaylin and Eliangels older siblings - José Miguel. While visiting him, we made a trip to the grave site to see where their mom was buried. I noticed throughout the cemetery that there were many gravesites with a cross over them, which seems pretty normal! But while we were talking, Jose Miguel told us that those with crosses were actually people who weren't Christians - people who had not made the decision to follow Christ during their time here on earth. This seemed so strange to me. But come to find out, the cross over their grave was kind of like their last resort for a "ticket" to heaven. It was a hope that somehow that cross over their grave would save them - sadly it's a false hope. 

As we headed back to José Miguel's house, Eliangel, having heard our conversation, looked at me and asked me if could make José a Christian. I told him that I couldn't make him do anything - he has to make that decision on his own. But I told him that we've also been given the amazing opportunity (command!) to share the gospel with him and tell him about Jesus! In that moment, Eliangel looked at José and asked him if he wanted to be a Christian. José Miguel kinda laughed it off. He said "not right now, buddy. Later, but not right now.".

That is such a common response down here. "Later". But it hit me hard. We don't know if we have a 'later'!  Eliangel and Estaylin come from a large family. They have 9 brothers and 1 sister - all who don't know Jesus. I began to think what an amazing opportunity the Lord had given us by placing these boys in our lives. An opportunity to speak truth into the lives of lost souls - souls right in our backyard. Estaylin and Eliangels lives have been intercepted. They now have such an amazing opportunity to go and make disciples of their siblings!  While they aren't receptive to it now, I pray and I ask that you would all join us in praying that their eyes would be opened to the truth. That they would see the freedom that is available to them through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for boldness for us as we share the gospel with them!

Monday, July 6, 2020

June In Pictures

Our summer has looked a bit different this year. June is usually filled with teams and summer programs at the school. Without teams and not being able to bring kids to the school yet, we've been heading out to the bateyes in the morning for 1 hour class sessions with the kiddos. We missed not being able to see them for 10 weeks so it's been a joy to be reconnected! In the afternoon, the MK's had the opportunity to attend an afternoon camp program!

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