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Monday, September 24, 2018

And We're Back

We are already 6 weeks into the 2018-2019 school year! 
We now have 300 students on our Freedom Campus! Please keep them in your prayers this school year as we desire to see them not only excel in school, but more importantly, we desire to see them come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior! We want to see these kids find their significance in Christ, who gave His life for them,
and desires a personal relationship with each of them! Please also pray for our teachers and staff as we daily disciple these kids. Pray for wisdom and strength, and that we ourselves would grow in our relationships with the Lord. As Luke 6:40 says: The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.

Change a Life

You have an opportunity to make a difference in one of our students lives! Through letters and visits, life-long relationships are being developed. This sweet little girl is Betania, and she is one of our new Pre-K 4 students. Click here to find out how you can become her sponsor or to see other students who are still waiting for someone to walk this journey with them!

Noche de DecisiĆ³n (Decision Night)

Freedom has put together a drama called "Noche de DecisiĆ³n". The purpose of the drama is to very clearly present the gospel and the need for salvation. Our first production will be Monday, October 1st and will run for the remainder of the week. This past Saturday, we went out into the Bateyes and passed out tickets to the parents of kids in our school and other adults. 

In total, we have passed out over 700 tickets! Please pray that these people would actually attend and that the gospel would be clearly heard!

Job Change

Since this past August, I have stepped into a new role at Freedom. I have officially hung up my chef hat, and I am now working alongside Angela with the Sponsorship Program at Freedom. I've enjoyed every minute so far! There's a lot to learn, but what a joy it's been to be able to see the smile on the kids faces when I deliver a letter from their sponsor!
It's such a joy to see the relationships that are being developed between our kids and their sponsors. And the letters and occasional visits are just a small part of this life changing program. Sponsors are daily lifting up their kiddos in prayer and praying for their salvation and for the Lord to change, shape and mold their lives to look more like Him! Please continue to pray for me as I take on this new role! 
Pyle Family Update
We had a slight change of plans with our furlough this year. It was originally scheduled for August but because of a staph infection that Gabe developed in his arm, we had to move it up to July. Gabe's arm healed quickly and it continues to gain strength every day!
So while it was a bit of an unplanned, unexpected trip home, we enjoyed spending the time with family and friends. Because of the unexpectancy of the trip, we didn't get to see as many of you as we would have liked, but we hope that we can catch more of you next year!
The girls continue to grow! This of course brings mixed emotions for mama. Ava turned 10 this past August, and I was in denial for a while that she is now in the double digits. Blakeley and Karsyn will be 9 in November and as you can see, they both tower over their older sister. Ava is quick to remind them that's she is still the oldest, and that makes her the boss! Ava is in the 4th grade this year and Blakeley and Karsyn are in third. They are all doing well and continue to amaze their mama with their spanish skills! While it's hard at times to see your babies grow, it's also such a joy to see them growing and maturing into the people Christ has called them to be! This mama's heart aches at times for those babies she used to hold in her arms but at the same time, rejoices in the fact that they are growing into young adults (soon to be women) whom I pray will daily walk and grow in a relationship with the Lord!
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